• TaskAn affordable 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home. Brand new construction in Brigands' Bay in Frisco, NC.

This is 50252 Freebooter Ct Brigands' Bay subdivision in Frisco, NC, just a nice, friendly environment. And property prices are a little less than other places on the Outer Banks.

Mr. Jordan has chosen to build a small one-story house that he can use for himself, instead of having to rent it all the time. The total house is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, costing $180,000 in new construction.

This project is a brand new construction using 2x6 walls, 5/8 plywood, and built towards the North American Home Building Green Building Standards Gold Level. We're going to make the house more water tight, more energy efficient and stronger to sustain Hatteras' tough climate challenges.

We use larger framing lumber, the six, as opposed to the 2x4 framing lumber, and 5/8" plywood on the exterior walls. Rather than having the soffit vents and roof vents, we've chosen to put in closed-cell foam insulation in the attic, so it is a closed environment. When the hurricane winds come, which they will someday, and blow against this house, since there's no soffit vents and no roof vents, we should be able to eliminate a lot of the potential leaks that happen to most houses during the hurricane.